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Building Trust Cuts Violence. Cash Also Helps.

To Stop Crime, Hand Over Cash

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One City Tried Something Radical to Stop Gun Violence. This Report Suggests It’s Working.

How One California City Began Bringing Its Murder Rate Down—Without Cops

Program Taps Unusual Weapon to Stop Killings: Respect

The Controversial Method That Helped Turn One of America’s Most Murderous Cities into One of Its Safest

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California Program Offers Cash to Reduce Gun Crimes

To Reduce Gun Violence, Potential Offenders Offered Support and Cash

This Once Dangerous California City Gives Young Men Money, All-Expense-Paid Trips in Exchange for Not Shooting

Paying Kids Not to Kill

The Peacemaker Fellowship Replication Project

IURD Partners With Advance Peace as Co-Lead Evaluators

Advancing Peace in Stockton

Is the City of Sacramento Paying Gang Members $1.5 Million Not to Kill?

Sacramento Hopes Program Will Persuade 50 ‘Shooters’ to Change Their Violent Ways

The Price of Social Change: Why California is Paying Gun Offenders

In Sacramento, Trying to Stop a Killing Before It Happens


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